Grogue, also known as grogu or grog, is a Cape Verdean alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane. Its production is fundamentally artisanal, and nearly the whole sugarcane is used in the production. Most of the grogue in Cape Verde is produced in the traditional manner; The cane is squeezed through a trapize and the outcome is distilled using an old oil drum.

During the establishment of the Portuguese in 1462, the residents already started producing Grogue. The first form was introduced to Europe in 1740 by the British Royal Navy Admiral Edward Vernon called Grog. However decades before in Africa this drink was already produced and consumed locally.

The cultural aspect is a big part of Grogue. The process of making Grogue is always associated with music. During the production, the farmers would sing songs about family, pleasure and love. In this way they would feel as one, and the grogue would be made with a lot of love and laughter. This is the reason why Grogue Official is not just a liquor, it is a liquid full with the taste of tradition, love and festivity.

Grogue Official is a rum in the higher segment of the alcoholic beverages made in Cabo Verde, a beautiful archipelago along the West Coast of Africa.
The uniqueness of Grogue Official is created from the great taste of selectively available sugarcane that only grows on the volcanic soil of its islands along the equator.

We will ensure that the old traditional ways of production is preserved and will introduce grogue in a whole new, trendy and modern form. Discover the ancient African tradition mixed with the modern luxuries of today, and imagine yourself in the world of Grogue Official. The only question left is
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”Grogue Official, the gold of Cabo Verde”